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First Snow
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Available first week of December 2020

First snow Philadelphia holiday music



About Robert

Robert Prester is an American concert and jazz pianist, best known for his virtuosic and articulate approach to both classical and jazz idioms, effortless improvisatory agility, and innovative approach to stylizing jazz standards and Great American Songbook repertoire.  His music has been documented on CD’s of his original compositions, and is heard on commercial recordings, live classical and jazz performances, and college performance lectures. His most recent recording, Rapsodya, features his original Piano Sonata in F Minor, as well as a collection of classical works by Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, and Debussy. Dogtown is the latest recording of his jazz and Latin jazz compositions, and achieved heavy rotation radio air-play and #16 on the jazz charts.


About Adriana 

Adriana Samargia is an American singer best known for her ageless sound, instrumental approach and vocally acrobatic treatment of jazz standards, sacred works and Great American Songbook classics. Her talents have spread to cartoon, television and radio through recorded roles and jingles – even voices inside of toys. Adriana’s current recording projects involve a collection of newly arranged pop favorites from the 70’s-90’s labeled “Our Way” and a Wintersongs-Christmas 2020 release along with pianist Robert Prester and vocal ensemble The Parson Brown Singers, entitled “First Snow.” 

Their new CD will be available at the Virtual Bazaar.


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