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 Philadelphia Local Honey 

philadelphia local honey handmade

Meet our maker Eric, he’s our community Bee Keeper. He was a dancer/choreographer for many years, and the co-founder of SCRAP Performance Group as well as The Philadelphia Fringe Festival. He performed at the Edinburg Fringe and many other places across America and Europe.

He is a member of the Philadelphia Bee Guild and tends a small apiary that has run from 8 hives to 20 depending. His spring harvest is mellow and light, mostly from honey locusts blossoms, and the fall harvest is a rich amber including nectar from his vegetable garden and Mt Airy wild flowers. We also have some hard honey which is most crystalized, and very rich.

Eric lives in Mt Airy with his wife Grace, daughter Silvia, a couple of dogs, cats and hens.

His small batch honey is available to you now at our bazaar.


1lb honey jars for $15
12oz for $12
8oz for $8
And 4oz for $5

philadelphia local honey
philadelphia local honey
philadelphia local honey

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