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Handmade Philadelphia is NOT just another holiday pop-up shop…

Our mission is to create and cultivate A diverse Community and Network of makers, creatives and others who  join our movement as we do our part to elevate the work,spirit and livelihood of others regardless of craft.


Together we can spark and shift the CULTURE of commercialism, and move away from mass consumerism and towards handmade with love. Big business has enough money. 


What the future holds this growing community… Virtual and physical Bazaars, listings and Marketplaces for shoppers. Special meet the maker shopping experiences and creator spaces for pop up shops, parties, tutorials, filming, craft and street fairs, makers competitions and so much more…

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We are building a makers and creatives Philadelphia marketplace driven by storytelling and human perspectives from all walks of Philly. Available now for all your virtual needs as well as physical spaces and storefronts available for pop up shops, tutorial or party space.
If you aren’t a maker then be a helper, and help the Makers… Please feel free to share our content with the following hashtags, and support makers, small business and the Philadelphia community…

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